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Scroll down to know more about what I can offer, then comeback to check the Projects gallery



Scroll down to know more about what I can offer, then comeback to check the Projects gallery

My name is Carolina Reyes. I am a graduate Architect with 17 years of experience in Australia and Overseas. I have devoted my time to explore the interwining relationship between humans and the environment. 

I have distilled the information and wisdom I have learned from various cultures and philosophies around the globe and blended with architectural and feng shui principles to create a system that is highly intuitive and effective. 

I firmly belive that the space and the human interaction work in parallel trough the energy created. 

My advice, focus in the following areas whether you want to buy, sell, renovate or live in a harmonious and well designed house: 

  • property makeovers
  • styling
  • colour consulting
  • house assessment
  • feng shui
  • clutter

I can help you



property makeovers

property makeovers

I can assist with a makeover to sell a property or a makeover for the house that you want to live in.

As an architect a design challenge is what I love to do!

Let me inspect your home and expand my creativity offering you a range of possibilities to finally change your home to the one you always dream!

I can offer a range of affordable design solutions, targeting the most important areas.

I can work within your budget to make the most out of your money and create a successful makeover.

If you are looking to sell your house and want to get more out of your selling, a property makeover is a cost-effective investment that can increase the perceived value of your property and ultimately sell faster.




Do you want to sell your house? Then present it in the best way possible for a quick sale! That’s when PROPERTY STYLING comes in place!

I will create wide market appeal as opposed to catering specifically to the taste of the current home owner.

In today’s market, professional property presentation has become an essential ingredient in achieving a successful sale. Properties need to present beautifully in print, online and in person in order to achieve the best price in the shortest possible time.

If you are looking to sell your property, you are probably also looking for the best selling price, small investment of money and time spent. I can assist real estate agents, property owners and private home sellers with fitout homes to increase their sale value.

My goal is to work with you to take the stress out of preparing your home for sale and make the best of what you have using Architectural knowledge, Feng Shui techniques and interior design creating a welcoming felling with a balanced energy and a colour pallet adequate to the space, the light and the type of house.

I will make your house memorable to all the prospect buyers.

More often than not the changes are very simple.  I utilize your existing possessions, recommend items to keep or store, rework rooms with furniture placement, suggest colour pallet and bring in those important finishing touches. You can then undertake the changes yourself, or I can step in and look after them for you.

And if your property is empty, we will hire the perfect furniture to tastefully present it for a quick sale.  After all, statistics shows that a furnished property sells up to five times faster than one that is unfurnished.

Most people make their first impressions within the first 6 seconds.

A good agent will bring potential buyers to your door, but it is really up to you to present your property in a way that will make them say, “YES! We want to live here!”

With my experience I bring a fresh eye for detail to your property, and suggest enhancements that you may never have considered.


colour consulting

colour consulting

Colour is something that we as humans have come to known as mandatory. We know that it is there, but we do not usually take the time to really ask ourselves how important is colour and how does it influence us?

According to recent studies in colour psychology, colour is a major influence in many of our general decisions.

For example, blue is said to prompt one to eat less, so painting a dining room blue would be counteractive when it comes to the overall functions of the room itself.

There are many things about colors that have an actually physiological effect on our bodies. This can range from the decisions we make to our overall health. For example, blue is a colour that promotes a calming vibe and is more relaxing, whereas red is a more aggressive colour that can lead to anger, passion, or love depending on how that person values that colour. Regardless of how a person perceives a colour, it still affects our moods.

There have actually been scientific studies that confirm that colour has a physiological effect on our bodies.

Colour is a form of energy and it affects the body in many ways.

This can be applied to our lives and it can definitely be interpreted when it comes to painting our homes inside and out. Even if a colour would be most functional for a room, it could still have a negative connotation with some people or purpose.

Colour is vibration. Your intention is everything.

Along with feng shui and other environmental metaphysics, colour psychology is a very simple yet powerful tool for creating your own reality.

Colour has a remarkable impact on your psychological and physical well-being

In Feng Shui basics I discussed how everything is alive and made of energy and that everything vibrates at a particular frequency. The same is true for Feng Shui colours — each colour vibrates at its own unique frequency. Just as you and your home are connected through a multitude of overlapping energy fields, you are connected to the colours in your home in the same way.

If you want to sell your house or live in it, colour is a powerful tool to obtain amazing results in your life. With my experience as an Architect and Feng Shui consultant I can make the most of your intention trough colour.


house assesment

house assesment

Buying a house can be challenging for many reasons.

Every year thousands of Australians put their dreams and their biggest asset in the hands of architects. An architect is the one person with the required education, experience, and vision to see the ‘big picture’ and help you through the entire design and construction process.

If you are BUYING an existing house, wanting to RENOVATE your existing home or BUILDING an architectural DESIGNED new home, then this is one service you cannot afford to miss out on.

I can help you with the most important of the decisions: whether sell your existing house or renovate it. I can guide you trough the process with expert advise taking in consideration the market, location, possible cost, your expectations and your needs. I will give you my honest and expert verbal advice.

Your project can only succeed if you have clearly defined objectives.

Design mistakes can cost you many, many thousands of dollars, as well as the headache of living in a home that does not suit your needs.

A great plan is only as good as the ability to execute it, I will look closely at the budget you have allocated and give you suggestions on how you can boost the maximum of what you have.

I can assist you inspecting potential houses on open days, planning a makeover of your existing home, renovating, changes and finishes to a house that you choose from any builder or designing your dream home. Just call me and I will tailor to your needs!

Buying your house is one of the most important purchases that you will make in life. Get pre-purchase property advice and don’t risk your investment. Just one consultation can save you a lot of money

The ultimate dream home begins with the ultimate consultation and architectural advise.



feng shui

feng shui

If you want to live in a balance and energetic home that works for you and your fortune, then applying Feng Shui is the best way to experience beneficial changes.

I firmly believe that the space and the human interaction work in parallel trough the energy created.

Feng Shui works not only because it enhances the positive energy in your home, but also because it sets a certain intention in place and puts a vibration in motion.

By creating improvements in the flow of Chi in your home, you create positive changes in your life.

I am an experienced architect, intuitive, designer and artist. In graduate school I studied the intertwining relationship between humans and their environment where I discovered that our environments affect us on a physiological and energetic level. I quickly learned to follow my intuition, rather than follow a set of Feng Shui rules. I needed to make Feng Shui in the home more personal and relevant for me—especially as a westerner.

I have distilled information and wisdom I have gained from various cultures around the world and incorporated them into my own consulting practice.

Get rid of everything you don’t use or love. This is a very important step when you apply Feng Shui in the home. Everything has energy and this energy directly affects you and your life. Clutter brings down your personal energy and negatively affects the flow of chi in your home — the chi stagnates around the clutter and cannot move freely or bring fortunate blessings into your home and life.

You don’t need to change your style or belongings, the idea is to work with you moving objects and suggesting colours to move the energy around helping you achieve your goals in life and live in a home that has a balanced energy.

With a feng shui consultation you can change your life





Change your life now by clearing clutter and getting organized

I can help you get organize and keep the clutter away from your life!

Don’t let the clutter stop what you want to achieve. Clear the space around you, move the energy, get organized and start the life you always wanted! Clutter control is one of the easiest ways to change your life.

How much of an effect can clutter have on my life?” The answer is “a dramatic effect!

Clutter has a profound impact on your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. A healthy home has healthy energy and healthy energy is moving energy.

Some common effects of clutter include low energy levels, misfortune, money problems, blocked creativity, ill health, mental confusion and much more.

When you clean and declutter you make room for new, refreshing energy. Clutter control makes space for new experiences, happy emotions, enhanced creativity, and positive thoughts.

Never underestimate the effect of clutter on your life

Take action now! Start changing your life! I will love to be part of it and see the changes.

Get rid of what you don’t want or what you don’t use, and open yourself up to receiving exactly what you want and need.

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