If you want to live in a balance and energetic home that works for you and your fortune, then applying Feng Shui is the best way to experience beneficial changes.

I firmly believe that the space and the human interaction work in parallel trough the energy created.

Feng Shui works not only because it enhances the positive energy in your home, but also because it sets a certain intention in place and puts a vibration in motion.

By creating improvements in the flow of Chi in your home, you create positive changes in your life.

I am an experienced architect, intuitive, designer and artist. In graduate school I studied the intertwining relationship between humans and their environment where I discovered that our environments affect us on a physiological and energetic level. I quickly learned to follow my intuition, rather than follow a set of Feng Shui rules. I needed to make Feng Shui in the home more personal and relevant for me—especially as a westerner.

I have distilled information and wisdom I have gained from various cultures around the world and incorporated them into my own consulting practice.

Get rid of everything you don’t use or love. This is a very important step when you apply Feng Shui in the home. Everything has energy and this energy directly affects you and your life. Clutter brings down your personal energy and negatively affects the flow of chi in your home — the chi stagnates around the clutter and cannot move freely or bring fortunate blessings into your home and life.

You don’t need to change your style or belongings, the idea is to work with you moving objects and suggesting colours to move the energy around helping you achieve your goals in life and live in a home that has a balanced energy.

With a feng shui consultation you can change your life