Colour is something that we as humans have come to known as mandatory. We know that it is there, but we do not usually take the time to really ask ourselves how important is colour and how does it influence us?

According to recent studies in colour psychology, colour is a major influence in many of our general decisions.

For example, blue is said to prompt one to eat less, so painting a dining room blue would be counteractive when it comes to the overall functions of the room itself.

There are many things about colors that have an actually physiological effect on our bodies. This can range from the decisions we make to our overall health. For example, blue is a colour that promotes a calming vibe and is more relaxing, whereas red is a more aggressive colour that can lead to anger, passion, or love depending on how that person values that colour. Regardless of how a person perceives a colour, it still affects our moods.

There have actually been scientific studies that confirm that colour has a physiological effect on our bodies.

Colour is a form of energy and it affects the body in many ways.

This can be applied to our lives and it can definitely be interpreted when it comes to painting our homes inside and out. Even if a colour would be most functional for a room, it could still have a negative connotation with some people or purpose.

Colour is vibration. Your intention is everything.

Along with feng shui and other environmental metaphysics, colour psychology is a very simple yet powerful tool for creating your own reality.

Colour has a remarkable impact on your psychological and physical well-being

In Feng Shui basics I discussed how everything is alive and made of energy and that everything vibrates at a particular frequency. The same is true for Feng Shui colours — each colour vibrates at its own unique frequency. Just as you and your home are connected through a multitude of overlapping energy fields, you are connected to the colours in your home in the same way.

If you want to sell your house or live in it, colour is a powerful tool to obtain amazing results in your life. With my experience as an Architect and Feng Shui consultant I can make the most of your intention trough colour.